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Arduino Push Notification Doorbell

A while ago I did a hardware hack project that used an old wireless doorbell unit and an Arduino to make a push notifications enabled doorbell. It actually started out as a joke but the video got more attention than I would ever expected with a lot of requests to do a proper tutorial on it.

It took me a while but finally! Here it is! Thanks everybody for being so patient with me ;-)

You’ll find here the original video in which I demo the setup and after that the video on how to implement it from a Arduino sketch and Ruby point of view.

If you head on over to github you’ll find both the Arduino sketch and ruby script free for you to use and build on.

Essential for these kinds of projects is that you know what a pull-up/pull-down resistor setup is. Please make sure you understand the concept, it’s really important.

pull-up resistor
Pull-up resistor setup

The above image shows a pull-up resistor setup.I shamelessly stole this image from this wonderful article on Sprakfun which explains the concept in detail.

For (Arduino) parts you can follow this link.

Okay! Now for the video’s, they’re long enough combined so I won’t keep you any longer. Ah! before I forget, feel free to leave a comment here with questions and suggestion.

Now for the how-to:

Suggestions, tips or flames? Please leave a comment. tutorial doorbell software development hardware home hack atmega sketch hobby pull-up resistor ruby how-to push notifications fun arduino video project

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